on why Lynz’s behaviour is disagreeable to some (including trashing Mikey, complaining about standing in MCR’s stance, being happy about the break up…) - MADE REBLOGGABLE BY REQUEST


— Since a lot of people feel the same way about this matter.


Haven’t you read what she wrote? Don’t you realize she’s all happy about MCR’s break up???

(“6 years ago I married a man in a band that is more successful than my own and 6 years ago the curse of @lusciousjckson settled over me like a fog. 

For 6 years there have been handfuls of people every night that come to my show hoping to see my husband. For 6 years handfuls of people come to my show to give me letters and gifts for my husband. 
They are the minority- just like I was probably the only asshole with an agenda at your show. It stings none the less.
Six fucking years ladies, six fucking years. 

Please @lusciousjckson, free me from your curse. I’ve learned my lesson ten thousand times over. 
It’s time and I’m begging.
Your friend,

Actually oh my god… I’ve never liked her much and there are BILLIONS of reasons for that… she’s an incredibly fake person and if there’s one thing i hate, it’s fake people.

Well sue me! 

You love lynz? Ok, i’m super okay with that. But i don’t like her. Something about her has ALWAYS rubbed me the wrong way! And it’s never been a secret. I’m not making you agree with me, think what you want, defend her on your own blog, hell, create a ‘LynzISawesome’ tumblr.com for all i care

As for me acting like a 13 year old, well, frustration will do that to you (Frank would have to say a lot about that as well), thank you very much.

I don’t even know why i’m explaining myself, that’s actually ridiculous.

This is my blog and i can say whatever i want. And if i dislike Lynz cuz of the way she behaves, about how fake she is, and full of shit, etc. i can as well express that. You don’t have to agree with me, you can unfollow me, you can send me hate, you can trash me in other tags publicly, fuck, i’m so damn used to that, you wouldn’t be the first, neither the last, so go ahead, i don’t really care anymore.

But this is my blog and i’ll be speaking my mind whether you like it or not. I’ve never pretended to be liking lynz, i’ve never liked her, ppl following me know that. If you guys have a problem with it, then i’m sorry but it’s the way it is and that’s not changing.

Especially after what I’ve seen her do this year….. How she was publicly encouraging hate against Mikey making it seem like they just found out about him and Sarah through goddamn twitter when in fact Sarah had had Alicia’s ring for few months then etc, or this awesome bunch of words she let the world see practically complaining her band was standing in MCR’s stance and how much it was bothering her having to receive gifts for Gerard


Like her all you want, but i can see her true colours, one thing is what she says and the image she’s trying to sell and the other thing is what she ACTUALLY does. And i’m sorry but I’m not buying it. 

I never speak of her, unless there’s a reason for that. And i think these ‘omg pls someone break the “mcr-gerard” curse already’ was a good enough reason.


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