Save yourself, I’ll hold them back - frerard alert

Disclaimer: PURELY my opinion here. No need to get all butt-hurt, you’re absolutely free to think what you want. Songs are for ppl’s own interpretation. This is what I see, not saying this is the holy truth, ‘s just how I perceive it.image

Ok so…recently I’ve seen a post about Save yourself, I’ll hold them back being a frerard song and since I agree and have always thought that myself, I decided to give my take on it… (the post which inspired me to add this up was made by frerard-theory and could be found here: )

So in that post the gals pointed out just this part:

“We can leave this world leave it all behind

We can steal this car if your folks don’t mind

We can live forever if you’ve got the time…” 

They believe it’s about running away to be with the true love and I agree. In these lines we can see FREEDOM. The whole song eventually points to freedom in a way… I’d say this part could be Gerard inviting Frank to join him, to run away, to be together which reminds me of Summertime’s part ‘until we find our way in the dark and out of harm’ which once again for me is an indication that Gerard actually doesn’t want them to stop, he wants them to go on, no matter the fact they’re married and all, but you know how it is if you’ve got a soul mate, someone you love and that someone’s here, you could have them so…why not?…. So yea, G’s inviting him to ‘be forever’ if Frank’s got the time- as in,  if Frank wants to, perhaps?…

There are other parts of this song that weren’t mentioned by the gals though I think they’re even more obvious :)

“I’m the only friend that makes you cry

You’re a heart attack in black hair dye”

Well…the only friend that makes you cry… Now, we all know that friends actually don’t make you cry, friends are here to keep you smiling, to help you, to cheer you up when needed and so on, though Frank and Gerard have never been just friends -and this is it. It’s acommon knowledge that lovers make you cry. No matter how much you love one another, it’s your journey through life and you’re taking it with the other one so of course it has to include tears… And with Frank and Gerard it did. Remember Projekt Revolution, remember the fight on stage, remember the falling out and them barely even just looking at one another for months after, avoiding each other as much as they could. Fuckin sad period of their lives, Frank starting Leathermouth to scream it out to cry the sad feels out… Well, G really was the only friend who made him cry coz he’s never been just a friend. And that’s what G’s practically saying there. That he’s his friend (as perceived by the public and everybody) though he’s not friend at all. He’s a lover.

Now, ‘You’re a heart attack in black hair dye’

Well, with that part I guess he kind of just maybe pointed out who this was about, he addressed it to somebody and that somebody was Frank, of course. Remember how Frank had his hair dyed black at the beginning of the Danger Days era. Yes. This was about Frank. (and no, it can’t have been about lynz since I know she once mentioned on twitter that her natural hair colour was black or sth, so yea…no hair dye. No lynz there)

Even though those are usually the only lines people consider frerard-suspicious, I actually can’t help but notice one more part which is extremely intriguing for me, though really fuckin hard to decipher.

“You’re the broken glass in the morning light

Be a burning star if it takes all night…”

I’d rather leave this to everybody’s own interpretation coz Gerard used a fuckin metaphor right here probably so that we wouldn’t have it so easy trying to figure out its meaning, hah… Now though, why I find this frerard-suspicious? Well, the thing is, there’s this same melody or rhythm or whatever with both parts this, and the ‘heart attack in black hair dye' one which we’ve already assumed was for Frank. So that leads me to believe this one’s got to do with Frank as well, though this one's not so unambiguous which could only mean that it's got a way deeper meaning for the two of them, it maybe shouldn't be for others to decipher.

So i tried, haha. Okay, srsly though… It’s a metaphor and could mean anything, what I see when I look at it, taking into consideration all I know about them, is that Frank’s the broken glass in Gerard’s morning light, as in, Frank’s that something unsolved, unfinished in Gerard’s new life, something which makes it not that easy for Gerard to go and live like he’d maybe like to…He must’ve thought it’d be easy though he finds out it’s really not so. And Frank’s the broken glass standing in G’s way, he can’t go on, he can’t move on, coz there’s Frank and he knows and the fact he still likes him he can’t ignore anymore. Simply, G kind of informs him he’s still a huge part of his life and he’s not over…..In the next line Gerard also says ‘be a burning star if it takes all night’ ….man this is difficult. I’m totally not sure, but maybe this could be Gerard pleading, urging Frank to withstand it all, even if it took really long, to be that burning star, not to give up, not to give up on them… even if it took all night, as in, even if they had to keep it on the DL for the rest of their lives… which reminds me of that one line from Summertime again as Summertime’s considered to be a lynz song but nobody will ever convince me that one line “until we find our way in the dark and out of harm” isn’t about Frank and Gerard. Coz yea, he mentions the ‘dark’, here in Save yourself there’s this ‘night’ I think the darkness, night, stuff like this usually refers to something hidden/not public/on the DL or a secret….so yea

Now, I know G said this song was for Bandit to realize one day she should not be giving up and all that and I think it’s nice. I believe him, it can be for her, coz overall this song is about freedom, not giving up, going on not giving a fuck about the outcome of it all…. Though, daddy forgot to mention this song was also for himself and his lover. Coz here we go again: freedom, not giving up, going on no matter the outcome, and THAT, folks, is what Gerard and Frank are about now.

So in general this song can be devoted to everyone, every fan, non-fan, Bandit anybody coz it’s the message that counts, though for Gerard it was for Frank …and himself, we can see that, there’s the undeniable part about the black hair dye which Gerard probably didn’t realize was so obvious… Now, of course he couldn’t just go and say it was a song for Frank, wtf? Can you imagine? But it’s not needed. It has this special meaning for the only one who’s supposed to know, for the one who knows what to look for in that, what part for himself he’s supposed to listen to closely, what to take from it. And he knows. You bet.


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