Do you remember the theory about FTWillz and his poetry? Around the net, especially in the fandom, this is not news and it seems like this person won’t cease to amaze us.

Since I started to investigate on FTWillz, his poetry has absolutely become my favorite topic.

I spent days around a lot of…

this shit is RAD! Wow, huge, everybody go read this, now!!!

gerard-tops, you’re awesome, okay! finding F.T.Willz’s blog, making this post, i mean, wow, my bow!! Hell of a detective work!

you know that "our love never dies" is meant to be for jamia? the whole song is for, not gerard. don't get me wrong i believe in frerard too but he even says "don't worry OLD GIRL", it's about the difficulties of being with him and his messed up mind. he does it in "she's the prettiest girl at the party" too.

not every song where “a girl” is mentioned means that it is necessarily for Jamia, you know? It doesn’t work that way. You gotta look at the lyrics as a whole. And even though i’ve always thought that it was ALSO about Jamia, there are bits that are about someone else, (that is, about G, cuz there hasn’t been anyone else in his life besides J and G).

The lyrics are weird, no matter what way you look at it, whether you think it’s about G or J there’s always for example this part:

To steal a kiss from borrowed lips

Though these veins are borrowed,
This heart only beats for you.

-Why borrowed? What’s the deal with “borrowed”, when something’s borrowed, it obviously doesn’t belong to you, it’s not yours! This is like implying he’s NOT fully hers (J’s) or NOT fully (Gerard’s) and this is already big enough…….That even though he loves (her/him), he’s not entirely (hers,his) …Weird, huh? 

Don’t worry, old girl—dry the tears from your eyes.
Something better is bound to come along sometime.

-and damn, what would this mean?That she’s crying because of him and that once she’ll be happy with someone else???? i mean really., how do you explain this part?

And then this…

This face means nothing! These hands feel nothing!
These lungs are empty, and these eyes are blind.
This face means nothing! These hands feel nothing!
But I’m here, and this heart is yours.

-so why does he feel dead? feeling nothing,meaning nothing,not breathing, feeling dead… he’s dead inside, but he’s still there,”living” and his heart belongs to that one person.

………This song could be a metaphor or it could be just a story (naturally, involving some bits from his life)……but it’s definitely a suspicious song.

I assumed it’s more about G than J cuz it’s got the element of “forever” which in all his poems is somehow directed at Gerard, obviously (as it’s directed at a person he’s NOT currently with, though he used to be,and as he believes, is going to be day…person with whom it’s not easy, person who’s hurt him incredibly but he’s still in love with him and they’re going to be "together, forevers, for each other, though weathered" 


He will also WAIT for that one person.. he’s also “sedimentally his” also, he just “looks forward to” floating lost in their vastness, meaning, they’re not together now….they’re not floating in their vastness just yet…… it’s once again about someone he’s not with!


I’m telling you that the whole “borrowed” thing is suspicious

And how about this one? It’s not the end for them YET. He’s got that feeling that they’re going to be, meaning, they’re not now, again, “borrowed”


This is similar to his lines about feeling dead, about not feeling, breathing, and everything…that’s feeling real bad, and here he’s saying that YEAH, it “may” be a lie to tell everyone he’s fine


And we could go on and on and on and on……..

What i wanna say is, if you compare the song’s lyrics to Frank’s poem, it’s like a whole new dimension, you know what i mean?

It’s always about the desperation about not being with a certain someone but tremendous hope and belief….that ONE DAY….they’ll be …..together forevers….


Honestly the more Gerard talks about how fake frerard is the more I think its real. Because G & F mostly stopped doing *gay stuff* on stage around 2008 (only a few moments happened years later) so If it was fake he would have let it go by now, but hes too full of shit to stop talking about it.

Exactly, bb!!

The “offiacially” gay stuff only happened during PRev 2007. That’s also THE STUFF, the “stage gay” stuff he keeps talking about (although he did say he never acts on stage and also that only on stage they can be who they REALLY are, but let’s not go there!!) 

Anyway, the “gay stuff” is NOT just the thing of 2007 or the ProjRev thing. It’s been there ever since they’d become a band!!! In all the eras! It was not exactly kissing but it was almost everything else!! And like hell they stopped after 2007/08 !!!! ha! the whole Danger Days was one HUGE gay fest!!! What they’d been doing there’s pretty damn interesting! And it was AFTER they’d both got married and had kids, still, that obviously couldn’t stop them…..

And now, roughly 1,5 year after MCR broke up he’s still there trying to tell the world how the “bro”mance was just a fans’ thing, how they only did it for gay rights, how they only did it cuz ppl didn’t want them to, how they stopped cuz ppl suddenly wanted them to, how super weird fanfics are, how they only did it during ProjRev (haha!) how it was just a thing that “just happens” how it was planned and intentional actually, how they wouldn’t do it anymore cuz c’mon,they’re dads now, how they never act on stage, how actually they do act on stage(stage gay) how it’s actually not acting cuz it’s an “adrenaline” thing……..


I honestly CAN’T WAIT what he comes up with next, cuz it’s getting more and more interesting by the day………Gerard embrace it and put it to rest cuz you’ve never been more ridiculous.

Guys you know what? :D I can totally see him as a 60-something year old man with, dunno,say, purple hair, sitting down for an interview, stuttering, talking with his hands, with a super concentrated expression on, going out of his ways to come up with an excuse for FG number 854123697 hahahahaha :D i’m pretty sure i  can’t be far from the truth…. 


um. so. recently G posted some lyric tweets. anyways.. "Been weeks I been living and your smiles are giving me all types of treble, weak knees I been given and those nights are making me star-struck and metal. Stay free. Don't go. Cuz we don't need no shows. Try to be living as your vice and can you be my type? Cuz we need to be given a good life. And can I be your type of metal?" I feel giddy cause like "we don't need no shows" treble=trouble "those nights" G admitting he's been a dick/vice

Been weeks i been living

Stay free. Don’t go. Cuz we don’t need no shows.

Cuz we need to be given a good life.

^^ these totally make me think of MCR’s break up and like..dunno…G suggesting they don’t need no shows to have sth going on despite, like don’t go, stay with me….

i like the can I be your type of metal? one ….it reminds me hella lot of the CAN I BE YOUR NUMBER ONE? from his Millions. Interesting indeed.

The "Been weeks I been living and your smiles are giving me all types of treble" one is intriguing too….it makes me think of G “living” as in, life after MCR and over that time “Frank’s smiles” that is, anything that’s connected with Frank is giving him all kinds of treble (could mean trouble, like he can’t be without it) or it could kinda mean treble like dunno treble clef, treble stuff, as in, whatever connected with music,making music, inspiring G to write these kinda songs….this one, or the Millions one (which we assume to be F-related)……but what do i know, hah

Anyway, these are really fucking interesting, wonder what the whole song will sound like……… 

But now with his stupid-ass interview about his “bro”mance coming out i can’t even enjoy these anymore……cuz if he’s really gonna go there it’s probably not gonna end well… he’s like SO NOT OKAY with it. It’s been occupying his mind for all these years and the dude just keeps trying to explain that even now that MCR’s a history, he’s unable to just let it rest, that’s….wow….incredible.

G’s got some huge issues, but okay.

Have you seen the preview of the next kerrang? There's an interview with gerard titled "His My Chemical Bromance revealed" does that mean he's talking about what I think he is??!! I hope not, he'll just make the world believe his BS >:(( I'm really nervous tbh

No i haven’t seen, no…. :-/

Well, just like you, i kinda have the feeling he’s gonna talk about it. Not a clever move……I can already SMELL all the BS :D oooooh boy…..Let’s brace ourselves!

Usually when he talks that topic he just ends up getting lost in all the bull, then there’s all the stuttering and contradicting himself.

Here he’s gonna have the advantage of the article being just a written one, no one’s gonna hear the true nervousness and awkwardness behind it and he might end up sounding like he knows what he’s talking about, like really smooth….well ……….

And maybe it’s just me, but i’m pretty sure Frank won’t like it. Gerard’s one stupid donkey if he’s really gonna pull that one… And what’s with Kerrang kissing G’s ass all the time???? It’s like G fucking pays them to be there all the time :D like, c’mon, Kerrang, there’s other stuff to write about,get over GW!!!

…….you can’t expect the truth from such a popular music world magazine…… Through these kinda magazines musicians always get to say what they WANT people to think, officially. 

If i hear one more /smooth/ lie from G on that topic, i might actually vomit. How fucking interesting it is that he just CAN’T stop talking about that! :D it’s funny how he’s already tried to EXPLAIN their relationship in countless interviews (failing epically every single time,cuz of the good ol’ contradictions) and YET here he is, wanting to make sure ppl know how straight they are and how there’s never been ANYTHING between them :D

If you need ppl to think a certain thing so much and you’re willing to go lengths to convince them and it matters to you so damn fucking much, i’m sorry, but there’s something SUSPICIOUS about it. If they’ve never had anything going on he’d say it once and wouldn’t feel the need to come up with excuses for years to come……..You never need to convince ppl about the truth since it’s the most natural thing to you. If it’s a lie, you keep convincing ppl about it and you’re maybe hoping that maybe somewhere along the way you’re gonna convince yourself too…

Well done, Gerard, well done……

….i’m gonna be here hoping the interview;s not what we all think it is.

Can you give everyone a link to the podcast with gerard you mentioned where he stutters and changes his answer about frersrd.

oh god i was so sure i added the link to that podcast in my post, anyway, HERE it is:  (but it’s really fucking painful to hear how much he’s trying to be a “manly man” next to the two dudes, it’s …he’;s just acting so not like himself, but whatever, omg, i can’t listen to it anymore, it’s duh,…)

and here’s the link to my post about this PODCAST for those of you who haven’t heard of it just yet.

Do you think lynz and frank don't like each other? I found this and i don't know what to think anymore i60(.)tinypic(.)com/iv8exi(.)jpg

oooooh, honeyyy, no worries there, THAT is a manip :D :))) and a very bad one at that… 

And yeah i do think they don’t like each other…:)

The pink costume picture was tooked with the righ hand. There's no needing for any science. Just think about you taking a picture in front of a mirror with your right hand and you'll see that your picture will be like that. If you don't believe, just go and really take the picture. It' s the right hand

why are you saying “if you don’t believe” ? :D i believe it WAS me who suggested it’s rather his right hand, so :D ….i said i couldn’t explain that but that it’s the “mirror reflection thing” 

do yeah, but thanks for confirmation :)

Hey do you think this Lola selfie is Gerard? the hand seems so but there's no wedding ring. pbs(.)twimg(.)com/media/Bs4Ve8NCAAAdK9Q(.)jpg


yeah, i think it could be Gerard, cuz who else would he be taking a pic of and publishing it, right? hehe especially since this is clearly a man…and this costume, well, it’s not like there’s a lot of men out there who would put something like this on :D  //taking a selfie dressed in a super pink costume, really Gerard, REALLY??? :D :D cuz that’s not gay at all. 

anyway, the ring thing is that it’s probably taken in front of a mirror and in that case we wouldn’t see the ring, i think, god i’m not sure exactly how it works (it’s been a looooong time since i had a science class-it’s definitely NOT my field of specialization :D you see) but i’m pretty sure that’s kinda how it works with those reflections and everything, changes the perspective so that this might very well be his right hand and it only seems to be the left one cuz of the, yeah, mirror… 

The Libertines Reunion 2010

Frank and Gerard’s  reunion someday, i’m sure :’) 


i don’t think that’s what you’re supposed to do with the microphone frank

well…he learned form the best »

...also, microphones might not have been involved….ehm


i don’t think that’s what you’re supposed to do with the microphone frank

well…he learned form the best »

...also, microphones might not have been involved….ehm


Frank’s 'aching-for-Gerard-again' era has just begun… and we’re here to witness……..

-promised to give my two cents, so here we go, i’ll point out suspicious or the infamously obvious lines and say a few words about them……

(sigh, those two just- …Get your shit together,make up and get back together already!! cuz, dude :-/ )

Okay. Can i just begin with the cover pic of the STOMACHACHES album?


It’s a spiderweb.

You know where else there’s a spiderweb?


You know what it is a part of?


Yep. Frank’s hopeless romantic tattoo. Hopeless with a spiderweb on one hand, romantic with just one half of a broken heart on the other.

And that one,folks, we’ve already talked about. It’s connected with the HOPELESS ROMANTIC song by the Bouncing Souls, I’ll now remind you of its lyrics (please note that Frank has also tweeted this song and these tattoos showed up on Frank’s hands around the ProjRevolution times so yeah.)

"I’m a hopeless romantic
You’re just hopeless

Beer and wine does me fine but
It doesn’t always do
When I get back up and dust off
I always come back to you.
I’m my own man with my own plan
I can’t do the things you want me to
I’m kinda lazy and I kinda stink
But I’ll clean myself up for you”

So obviously, that song’s got a lot to do with how Frank felt over Gerard’s well, or let’s just say over their ‘break up’ after Projekt Revolution. …over the fight…and the non-talking and the band hiatus and leathermouth and world is ugly and stay and all that followed…ehm.

Now, the lyrics…Assuming that this is exactly how Frank felt (cuz c’mon,tweeting that song,getting a tattoo of it), then the half of the broken heart represents just that, a break up, being heartbroken, end of a rship. Frank was crushed and desperate and pissed off cuz c’mon,Gerard, but despite all that and how much he hated himself for it, according to the lyrics, he knew he would always get back up, dust off, clean himself up for and come back to Gerard. And THAT’S exactly what the web represents. It’s not being hopeless as in "there’s no chance for us anymore", but being hopeless as in"i’m hopeless-ly in love with you, i will always come back to you, there’s no getting out of this love web"

Aaaaand here we come to the the album’s cover photo!!


So now you get the idea, i believe….cuz hell yeah, i’d totally say the spiderweb on the cover once again represents Frank being unable to get out of the freaking ‘love’web of their relationship……He used to have stomaches after ProjRev (too), when he gained weight rapidly cuz of the pills he ate, also the anti-depressants and all that shit.

So yep, i’m pretty sure it’s ALL connected.

Now when we’ve discussed the (possible) general idea of the album, let’s get to the particular songs that stood out for me as frerardish ones.

(Mind you, this is just MY humble opinion. Not forcing you to read it, so if you’re not ready for a frerard dose, i kindly ask you to step away now.)

….Get ready for some LOOOOONG reading :-/ sorry.

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Frank give up on Gerard because he abandoned him, have you seen Franks lyrics? Oh Maria i'm super sad right now I can't even stop crying THEY SHOULD BE TOGETHER MARIA!! THEY SHOULD BE FUCKING TOGETHER. Please help me :c what do you think about his lyrics? Do you think they're gonna be together someday? MCR really saved my life and i know that they loved each other because sometimes you see things that no one can see and that's why I'm so sad right now, i love both of them but G is so

don’t worry baby, things will be just fine, okay? things will eventually turn out the way they’re supposed to <3 always…

As for the album, i’ll post a loooong post, the album analysis in w few minutes so you can read what i think about it all there… <3

It’s pretty complicated between them these days…but you know for every failing sun, there’s a morning after ;)



do u ever come across some people who are just SO wrong that you cant even argue with them because the sheer amount of bullshit they are spewing is overwhelming

yes. wow…

I think frerard happened at some point but if you think its still going on then I dunno man thats kinda crazy


no, you’ve got me wrong. i don’t think it’s still going on. i think they still love each other. there’s a difference.

yeah, it’s obviously not on right now. but nobody says it’s not gonna be… i mean, have you seen Frank’s new album’s lyrics, have you??? Cuz shit, maaan….that’s some ‘reaching out to Gerard’ Frank’s done….wonder that Gerard’s album will be about, but i’m not holding too much hope for that one….but still.

Anyway…looks like they’re trying to mend things, trying to begin to talk to each other (twitter,instagram) and according to the lyrics and poems they still do crave each other…badly…

What’s gonna happen next nobody knows so it’s not like we’re crazy, this is life, NEVER say NEVER…