just casually kisses gerard on live tv


just casually kisses gerard on live tv

Fuck, I am still convinced that FTWillz must die is frank. I'm 100% sure a teenager can't write those things, and why is the blog "hidden"? Why are there no tags? It MUST be Frank, there's no other explanation... Come on, their writing style is so fucking similar and the stories behind the poems March perfectly. Or FTWillz must die is frank, or someone is trying to fool us so bad.

man, i don’t know what to believe anymore :-O

to the last anon: can we see the screenshots?
the newly discovered f.t.willz blog is definitely not frank's, i saw the girl sending screenshots of some of her poems to frank on twitter over and over asking him if he liked them. she's not trying to be him, she was just inspired by his poetry but unfortunately the whole thing ended up looking like a rip off. 'i guess i really am your bastard. you fucking sucker.' it's too immature, as well as the name 'creep' and the url that's just taken from his instagram. it's not frank, guys.

oh. so the mystery’s solved i guess! thank you for your input, bb!! 

looks like the whole thing’s really gotten a little out of hand..

idk man I still think the Ft Willz blog is his, seeing the proof and such. Unless someone can find that Twitter account and prove it wrong, than it's most likely him, given all the references. If the Twitter really existed, they can just go to Google cache and pull it up to show and submit. I don't think anyone would go to all that trouble of imitating him for no purpose, who knows if we would have even found it?

i just got this ask concerning this, look:


Guys, just so you know, i’m kinda creating this new tag, “FRERARD SHADE" for theories and discussions about stuff that’s basically not "mcrmy acceptable" :D so that we can post freely about stuff that’s going on Behind the Curtain ;)

It’s not gonna be a place for random pics or fanvids or random asks… It’s gonna be more like an ‘investigation place’ so pics and vids and asks YES, but those kinda vids/pics/asks where we point out the important shit ;)

And yeah…lots and lots of theories and analyses……

Just informing you guys, so that you can post your observations and findings there, too! :)

It’s gonna be our place! <3

fritterxo yeah that's nightingveil's new url :) and yeah, she has an MCR blog now, not frerard

phew, thought so :) just didn’t wanna cause any confusion :) 

Baby, thank you for confirming this :3 XO

Hi, will S&C ever get updated? Don't mean to push you, you're probs real busy but it's been a while since last update. It's one of my favs, by the way!

Awww babyyy :’) i love it when someone asks about it!!

In fact, i have written another chapter!! i’ll be uploading it soon!

I just have that feeling that no one cares, no one ever says anything about it, no comments, hardly any feedback, not sure if it’s okay, if it’s any good, if i’m not boring ppl with it, you know, i’m just so insecure when it comes to what ppl think about it….. 

So it’s cool to see you like it, bb :’) thanks a lot!

Expect an update real real soon!!! :-* kisses+hugs <3

i am still pretty sure that ftwillz blog is frank's, i mean, do you really think someone could waste his time to fool a bunch of teenagers? come on, and what's the reason we can't see the blog if we search it on google? let's be honest...

Wow, babe, i have no idea…… i mean, really :-/ ….Everything’s possible, right? 

I haven’t seen the blog, i don’t know. Will i be able to find it  now, if i tried anyway?

But you’re right, seems kinda odd that some gal is trying to fool ppl, pretending she’s him i mean… I don’t know.

Who knows? :-O

I feel like 'action cat' is an apology song from G, and F accepted it. "we have battles in the dark when she falls asleep" sounds like theyre fighting with each other while trying not let the MCRmy (she) know. "We can make it up again","and we dont care, we just pretend" sounds like G wants them to be ok with each other and just forget everything. "Dont ask a lot and you dont lose a lot" is like G's only asking F to be his friend again and not anything more than what F wants


Yea, i kinda agree…. i think it might be connected with Frank…

But i also wondered if it maybe could be about the MCR break up, or the MCRmy, y know…. i  tried to think about it as if G was singing it to the fans, like, dunno, don’t ask a lot (don’t ask for MCR to come back) and you won’t lose a lot (you’ll have all 4 of us but solo) also with the “do you miss me?cuz i miss(ed) you!” ——>

——> …At first i thought he was singing “do you miss me? cuz i MISSED you” that’s why i thought that maybe it was for the fans, like Ï’m coming back, you guys, and i’ve missed you!” but reportedly he’s singing “CUZ I MISS YOU” and that way it can’t be about the fans, that way it’s obvious that it’s about Frank. Cuz there’s no one else it could be about. Plus, Gerard wasn’t even trying all that hard to be ‘you know, CASUAL’ about it :D …..

(i kinda think G’s gonna have an even more “Frankish-song” on his album….after all, Frank’s almost all about G)

I like your analysis. The part about a “she”=Mcrmy is really interesting!!! I like that!

The ‘don’t ask a lot and you won’t lose a lot’ doesn’t necessarily have to mean that G wants to be friends, but yeah, seems like he doesn’t see them work out any other way, like ‘there’s nothing you can do’ kinda attitude..

G’s thinking about how it always ends bad when the two of them try to really BE something…something more…They end up losing a lot, losing too much, every single time- they lose each other. Then they barely speak with each other….it was like that in the post ProjRev era, it’s like that now….

…And so he’s like, let’s not ask a lot, let’s be grateful for at least being able to see each other and talk to each other from time to time…and that way they simply won’t have to face the disappointment, the heartbreak,they  won’t have to suffer through losing each other again….

And he still misses him… he made sure he said it 100 times in the song :D …no but seriously…."And I…still I miss you! - Say 'I miss you too' - Still I miss you - say I missed me too - still I missed you - say I missed me too” /correct if it’s not right

Anyway, the part about pretending and faking  is interesting too….. "we don’t care we just pretend" So they DO pretend. And then "we want action and decision that can (can’t?) fake" point is, he wants to pretend and fake…Oh well, how “unexpected” of him, haha :)

And then the 'We got fire cracker wishes that we can (can't?) make ' part stood out to me! It’s like the two of them wish for something…question is, whether Gerard thinks it can come true one day,and he’s got hope, or it’s too good to come true, something he thinks he will always only dream about.

Ending the whole thing with desperate calling…all about missing him, wishing F missed him too, wondering whether he does…../DO YOU MISS ME? CUZ I MISS YOU! DO YOU MISS ME? CUZ I MISS YOU TOO/ which just reminds me of Frank’s ALL I WANT IS NOTHING song and his line "all i want is you to want me" ….it’s like they both want ALMOST the same thing…and their fears and wounds stand in their way….well shit,that’s love for you :-/  ………btw, i can’t help but adore Gerard’s very last line "cuz i miss you too" cuz it’s like he’s saying "Alright, i know you miss me. Just…I miss you too, y’know" The little “too” at the end is a gold, kay. Just sayin’

This song really does have a very intimate, very personal tone…

Speaking of which, there’s one more thing!! There are these lines that are really suspicious:

"every accidental damage that i wouldn’t take" made me think of Gerard not being up for their /love/relationship if anything was to go wrong again, like, he couldn’t and wouldn’t take any more “damage” heartbreak, whatever….cuz things always get fucked up with these too sooner or later…so he’s like nope, i can’t do this anymore. And it’s followed by the other line: "Every heart i left behind that you couldn’t break" it’s like i don’t know…Gerard left his heart behind ("every" heart cuz he’s left it behind several times, after ProjRev and now?dunno…) so he left it behind as if..for Frank…or because of Frank…..Those would be the hearts, or more like, the times Frank couldn’t break his heart…G left it behind, he left it with Frank, for Frank…like when people say that part of their heart will always belong to that one person, like “i left my heart with him” dunno, that kinda shit…..

I mean, I might be epically wrong, this has just…come to my mind, i don’t know, it’s just a feeling, i’m also not all that good at English and this is a metaphor.. so……


What do you guys think???? I’d love to hear your opinions on this :) Let’s discuss this shit! :)

What do you think about action cat? And did you see on twitter when somebody asked frank why was Kevin so mean to Winnie and he said "we always hurt the ones we love."? Could be unrelated to frerard but idk.

yeah….could be Gerard hurting Frank…Frank hurting Gerard……could be Frank hurting Jamia :-/

it’s a big theme in F’s life :-/ poor bb

what's nightingveil's new url? i wanted to see her theories

oh, she’s changed her url and also the whole blog….maaaan i can’t be sure :( but i think this is her now:

but if it’s so, then i’m pretty sure she’s not posting anything connected with frerard anymore…she’s an MCR blog now.

But omg maybe it’s not her, SOMEONE HELP ME OUT HERE hah, cuz i’m just not sure :(

*so ashamed*

Did you see Gerard's comic foreword? It says "to my wife Lindsey, for being my umbrella". Looks kinda romantic, but my mind just change it to "being my beard".

yea, man, being my umbrella as in “i can hide it now that i’ve got you,my wife…” :3 hehhehe

who knows….;) (no disrecpect here.. It’s interesting though….)

//and yes i’m aware that it’s ‘umbrella’ cuz ‘the Umbrella academy’ //

….then again, why is it UMBRELLA academy anyway? :) guess i’ll just have to go and read it again, haha)

re: that ask who was talking about the Leathermouth song with "OLD GIRL" in it. Everytime I hear that song it just makes me think of those finger puppets Frank made with one being an old man? and how some people thought F referred to G as an old man? I always thought that with this song, and that F changed it to girl for reasons. (i hope this makes sense ha)

yeah, it does make sense, boo :) it’s possible!!!

…..there’s a bunch of songs that can totally be meant for G it’s just that he obviously can’t go all “old man” :D cuz that’d be a little too much :D

They’re obvious enough as it is anyway, so….

Oh my god you're so pretty! And btw your theories are the best :)

Wow, thank you, my sweetie <3 :’)